The life & times of a Wonder Woman

Green Eyes. Dark Hair. Jeans Tight.

I have a serious obsession with Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn. Cupcakes, Sparkles and the Colors Red and Purple. I love Music of all genre's and I think my friends are the best friends and pseudo family anyone could ever ask for.

The End .... for now

Balls are actually notoriously weak, far as parts of the body go. I mean, I could catch a wiffle ball in the crotch and double over in misery. The testicles are very sensitive and about as strong as a couple of raw quail eggs rolling around in a set of fishnet stockings. You wanna be hardcore, dang, grow a vagina. Those things are built Ford tough, man. The vagina is like the Incredible Hulk of the human form. It does all the heavy lifting. You ever see a woman give birth to a child? You see that, you’re like, “That thing could lift a burning car if it had to.” If anything, the entire scope of masculine history has been an epic attempt at trying to convince the world that the vagina is tissue paper and our balls are titanium. It’s a huge and ugly ruse.

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Nothing but a word. Especially the last paragraph

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The week of Crowley



all week I drew one picture of Crowley in a little piece of paper every day, and gave it to Donor

so, finally I finished this stupid occupation and  can show you the final result! (I started this mess at Tuesday, so that’s why first picture is… Tuesday! :Ъ)








(even King of Hell hates Mondays!)

AHH i really love Thursday! *U*

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